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Mini and spa manicure

lashes + brows

$130 full classic lash
$45+ lash fill
$450 microblading


body sugaring

$12 - $70 price varies


Evoke Salon Thunder Bay Hot Stone Massage

hot stones

$89 - one hour
$74 - half hour

Relaxing Massage at Evoke Salon Thunder Bay


$68 - one hour
$48 - half hour

hands + feet

+$5 add french or nail embellishments

Mini and spa manicure


$25 mini manicure
$45 spa manicure

$15 polish change



$35 mini pedicure
$59 spa pedicure

$15 polish change

Shellac Manicure


$46 manicure
$18 removal
$50 removal + shellac


Facial Wax

face wax

$16 eyebrow
$13 upper lip
$12 chin

Woman waxed arms

arm wax

$25 under arm
$26 half arm
$38 full arm

Woman Legs Waxed

leg wax

$40 half leg
$51 full leg

Bikini Wax

bikini wax

$26 bikini line
$36 extended
$53 brazilian

Man Waxed Chest

back or chest

$51 back or chest wax

makeup + tinting

Beautiful Makeup Thunder Bay


$45 makeup
$35 trial makeup
$50 lesson

Thunder Bay eyebrow waxing


$25 eyelash
$20 eye brow

Thunder Bay spa facial


$65 spa facial


Customize your Facial with Rebecca! Share this video and you could win a $20 gift certificate towards any Esthetics treatment ***must copy and paste the above before sharing*** With each season changing it takes a toll on our skin. Whether it's the harshness of winter, the intense UV's of summer, or the unwanted toxins our skin absorb's a facial can benefit these damaging effects. Repair this with our new selection of facial masks such as the: * Melt Away Mask- perfect for dry to extra dry skin as it hydrates, reconstructs, regenerates, softens and is anti aging. * Moisture Quenching Mask- great for all skin types, limits water loss in skin, softens and aids regeneration. * Immediate Bio Soothing Mask- contains a gentle and natural base to calm the signs of redness and irritation. This mask increases skins tolerance levels, encourages oxygenation while providing a cooling and calming effect. Perfect for those with rosacea. * Cryodetox Mask- Rich in plant extracts with softening, invigorating and regenerating properties, the skin's radiance and luminosity can be restored. Get rid of toxins and feel great! Rose water is a complimentary option that when added to your steam will maintain skin’s pH balance, calms acne and eczema, smoothes, hydrates and moisturizes. Its antioxidant properties helps strengthen skin cells while revitalizing aging skin and keeping fine lines and wrinkles at bay. Mood enhancing properties will have you feeling awesome.

Posted by Evoke salon & spa on Wednesday, February 12, 2014


* prices do not include taxes and are subject to change upon consultation.